Booked: St. Dukes

Imagine Books and Records Presents:

#Booked with St. Dukes, a new San Antonio local indie-rock band that has been growing over the past couple years to really develop their sound. Even within the past year sine we recorded the session the music for their album has been changing. Inez, the lead singer, constantly adds people to their line up to create a full sound. Dive into St. Dukes and check out more music in the links below! 





Booked: St. Dukes - Young You

Booked: St. Dukes - Woke Up To A Dream

Booked: St. Dukes - Waiting

Booked: St. Dukes - 58


Executive Producer: Don Hurd

Producer: Ezra Hurd

Videographer: Jacob Glombowski, Isabel Paillao, Sydney Nealis

Audio Engineer: Diego Noyola

Editor: Jacob Glombowski

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