Booked: Alix Williams

When we first started this series there were a few people we had in mind that we knew we just had to have. Alix Williams is one of those people. She has always blown us away with her amazing songwriting and guitar work. Her passion for music began when she was very young, and although she was only 16 when she first played at Imagine Don saw she was talented from the start. We are thrilled to share with you one of our favorites. Enjoy. 



Booked: These Things Don’t Come Easy

Booked: Alix Williams - The Curse

Booked: Alix Williams - Alison Marie

Booked: Alix Williams - My Peach My Plum

Booked: Alix Williams - Wallpaper


Executive Producer: Don Hurd

Producer: Ezra Hurd

Videographer: Jacob Glombowski, Joseph nemeth

Audio Engineer: Diego Noyola

Editor: Jacob Glombowski