Booked: Favorite Son

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#BOOKED is here with the first ever session with Favorite Son led by the infamous Cooper Greenberg. We can only guess that he got his wicked guitar skills from beating the devil himself in a guitar solo contest. Join us as we bring you great new rising stars in music! We'll release new bands every Friday with a variety of style and genres. Enjoy our first segment with Favorite Son.

Booked: Favorite Son - Coopenhagen

Booked: Favorite Son - Golden Apple

Booked: Favorite Son - Wave Pool

Cooper Greenberg on guitar, Ramon Botello on Bass, and Andres Ovalle on Drums

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Executive Producer: Don Hurd

Producer: Ezra Hurd

Videographer: Jacob Glombowski, Joseph nemeth

Audio Engineer: Diego Noyola

Editor: Jacob Glombowski

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