Booked: Optic Arrest

Imagine Books and Records Presents:

After a short break, #BOOKED is back with another session from one of the most underrated bands in San Antonio. Join us in welcoming Optic Arrest to, "The Loudest Bookstore in Texas!" Self described as, "Indie Pop Rock meets National Geographic." Wonder how that sounds? Take a listen below!

Optic Arrest has gone through a few line up changes, but has been with this line up for around 3 years. These fantastic musicians create a great atmosphere with their music and in between their songs their banter on stage will always make you smile. We think this is one band that needs more listeners so here they are in all their glory! 


Links to Optic Arrest:




Booked: Optic Arrest - Circus Fire

Booked: Optic Arrest - Jakob Rau

Booked: Optic Arrest - Rise Up Lights

Booked: Optic Arrest - Strange Bird


Executive Producer: Don Hurd

Producer: Ezra Hurd

Videographer: Jacob Glombowski, Joseph nemeth

Audio Engineer: Diego Noyola

Editor: Jacob Glombowski

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