Our Story

Don Hurd is a poet, teacher, writer and San Antonio native with 2 amazing parents, a beautiful wife and 2 lovely boys. His dreams have always been involved in literature somehow, and he is proud to finally open IMAGINE. Even as book store chains are closing nationally, Don Hurd still loves the old fashioned, sit down, drink coffee and read-books-in-an-armchair kind of a store. Remember those times? Please relive or discover for the first time what a traditional used book store is like. Nestled in an interesting strip center, with a chinese restaurant , a councilman's office and a bingo hall, you will leave with a smile and a great book, record or two under your arm. Bring a date, bring your child or parent or neighbor or boss and show them San Antonio's latest secret craze.

Don Hurd  Owner of Imagine Books and Records

Don Hurd

Owner of Imagine Books and Records

Ezra Hurd  Event Coordinator

Ezra Hurd

Event Coordinator

Don Hurd and his wife Irma

Don Hurd and his wife Irma