New from Alchemical Guild

Limited time only, hard-cover edition of Don Hurd’s collected poems.


Available for pre-purchase for a limited time. This volume collects all the poems from a career spanning nearly four decades. Every copy preordered will be signed by the author and available for pickup at a private event to be held at Imagine (sometime in late June) or we can ship your signed copy for you (shipping and handling costs apply). Click the link to order your copy now.

Donald Lucio Hurd is the owner of Imagine Books and Records. He is the author of Prairie Oysters, A Lesser Grief and Other Poems, River Man and others. His poetry has appeared in Revista/Review Interamericana, The Trinity Review, Wergild, and others. He is the past editor of ViAztlan, the International Journal of Chicano Arts and Letters. He cofounded the No Concept Art performance series. His prose has appeared in Talebones, BIG NEWS, Southwestern American Literature and the anthology New Stories from the Southwest among others.